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Candy Corn Creamer Halloween Milk

If you want to make a fun drink steeped with the very essence of Halloween that kids and adults can both enjoy look no further. It's fun and easy, great for a party or every day. All you need is two ingredients, Candy Corn and milk. Candy Corn is the iconic candy of Halloween but is fraught with controversy. Is it horrible, is it delicious? Let the trolls fight it out. You make this ridiculously easy and magical coffee creamer.

Step 1. Any guesses for Step 2?

Milk is added to candy corn. The magic begins.

The candy corn will begin to dissolve pretty quickly and it is pretty magical to watch. Overnight in the fridge with a lid it will dissolve completely and depending on your candy to milk ratio be a lovely orange, very halloween.

You sweet tooths out there feel free to enjoy it at this stage. I have used it primarily three different ways.

I have used it as a creamer and sweet concentrate. Back left is a steamer topped with yellow sugar, back right a cafe au lait with steamed regular milk and a splash of the Candy Corn Creamer and front and center is milk with a splash of the Candy Corn concentrate. All delicious! My 3 and 6 year old are enjoying the steamer and Halloween Milk. As someone who enjoys the flavor of candy corn but not necessarily the texture or the intense sweetness this is a fun way to enjoy a holiday standard. Let me know if you think of other ways to use it! Happy Halloween!

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